Great News… ish

I have sorted my head out. 

I no longer feel all confused and messed up, lost and pathetic. I have my ‘shit‘ together again (for now, mwhahah, joking this damn better last this time)  :D Go team!  All I needed was a little boost, okay it was a bit of a cheeky boost, but hey ho, did the trick!

Just thought I should post a little update, I can see myself using this site more for casual updates between larger postings, I hope that is okay!!


On a side note: really, really struggling to sleep and I DON’T KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So annoying.  I want to get some of my edits done but just don’t have the motivation. Ah well, looking on the bright side, no longer feeling controlled by the sickness – woooohoooooo.

I Am Back

Hello Everyone! Me and the Duck are back:

Front Cover Shhh Duck

First off I AM SO SO SO SORRY! I know I have disappeared now for a month and half on here.  I shut down – closed everything – even ended up deleting my posts… which I now majorly regret.

So I haven’t died. Woop go me, still surviving with the assortment of mental shenanigans that I have accumulated.  I have missed blogging, but my blog before was becoming too depressing, hint the revamp and restart. 

So to update you:
The edits are currently under way…
plan to have the book done and publish ready by November!!!!!!! Dun dun dun
Oh yeah… and I am going travelling. I am going to leave the depression hole I have lived in for the past however long and go down under. So stay tuned for the gossips on those travels.
Sickness wise – guess what – I am getting better!

Sorry I have been away, but I am back!