About Me

My alias is Louise Collins, I am 21 years of age and live in Bristol, UK. I am ginger, have green eyes, and I am the same height as Kylie Minogue!

Over the past year I have written a story, my story, and I want to get it out there.  Illicit By Nature.  Please see the blurb here: Blurb

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, acute bipolar, and an anxiety disorder to aid the hassling depression.  But I am getting better :) I have been off work for 15 months now and I am looking to get back in to a part-time job in the next couple of months before I leave in November to travel the world! I think it is well deserved after spending so long in bed and jumping at shadows.

If you want to get in touch then please see my contact page here: Contact Me

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there, thanks for following my blog!
    I’m really excited for you to travel the world!! (And maybe even a little jealous…) How long are you going for and how many countries are you planning to visit? :)


      • It most definitely will help your writing! It’ll help you see, smell, live and envision completely new and different things, which can never be a bad thing for writing. ;)
        Yeah it kind of is, isn’t it… I think the traveling bug just kind of happens, one day you just can’t NOT travel! (Now I’m wondering if that made sense. Hm.) Travel to your heart’s content~! :D


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